6 Easy steps to create your own workspace at home

Published on Apr 19th 2020


Since the whole globe is in quarantine due to COVID-19, all of us are doing their best to have a productive and safe stay at home. A survey proved that 80% of employees that are required to work from home are working from a dining room, sofa, and even their bed or floor which is very unhealthy and lowers the productivity of the person. We at Esorus know that it's hard to get the perfect place that fits your vibe, so we brought you these few steps to create a Boho style workspace at home to boost your creativity. Get The Look with Esorus. We will tell you where to buy these items.




  • Find a corner that suits you
  • Buy a new desk
  • Get a comfortable seat
  • Install shelves to put all your stuff on.
  • Redecorate it in a way that fits your preferences
  • Keep it Clean and have a basket around.


1- Desk

This modern design desk size: 120x70x75cm and one drawer, its size good enough to put it in any corner of the room, perfect to place your laptop and your pen and notebooks in its shelve.

 Available at Tekton. Check NOW!

2- Bamboo Chair

The 100% bamboo Chair will deliver the natural feeling.

Find it here.



3- The Bamboo Unit shelves from Hamasutra is perfect to put books and storage beside your desk so you achieve the neat & tidy look. Placing some plants will be a great touch and will enhance the overall appearance.


4- A Bamboo Stool will be a perfect touch if you are a person that likes to lay their legs on something while working or it can be used as a seating if you got someone around.


Now you have all the furniture essentials in your small corner.


5-We advise getting a good desk lamp to provide you with the ideal lighting. Reflection offers white lamps that match best the color of your desk.


6- A Rectangular rug will be a great addition to provide you with great looks and warm feet, you can find it here.


Finally, plants, plants, and too many plants so you can breathe well and it will lift up your energy. We selected natural wicker pots from Homzeone Mall on 6th October which will match the natural bohemian look at your workspace; also some dangle pots from the ceiling will give the corner a special unique look.


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