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Published on May 25th 2020

Design To Go

During the COVID 19 pandemic, almost everyone had to experiment either staying at home for long periods of being completely locked down. Along with maintaining our daily activities like working, exercising as well as being entertained, our homes became the space responsible for all of this even if its for a specific period. Therefore, TheDesign To Go initiative by Esorus was born during these times to help the community in overcoming these challenges.


What is Design To Go

After won the Design to Go is a collaboration between Dalia Laz, founder of Esorus and Laila Badawi, Nadia Amr, and Mariam Yasser. The initiative works on connecting the interior designers’ community with those who need to redesign their spaces. In order to cope with the current situation. Interestingly, many designers’ collaborated right away and showed great interest in helping the community with their knowledge to overcome the current challenges.

How does it work

The initiative receives requests from users who are unsatisfied with a certain space or room. To clarify, the Space user fills in a form with all the details starting from specifying the problem to preferred colors and hobbies. Afterward the designer works on a couple of proposals and connects with the user and provides simple and small interior solutions in 30 minute free consultations to redesign the space and tum it into a better and healthy one. 


Design To Go progress

top interior designers of design to go
Starting with 10 live videos including 10 different cases, designers provided their proposals to fix them. In addition to talking with the user and creating an interesting dialogue between professional designers and normal household users. Also if you want to know more about the cases in detail check Design Talk Blog.


While facing this disorienting situation, every one of us is the only one who can make the decision and change his/her life. Since every design choice can make a sensual effect on us, we encourage you to consider your needs and demands.

The Design Quaranteam is committed to finding innovative solutions for your space. We would like to thank our platform suppliers, Marina home, C reality, 19 nineteen furniture, Image Furniture, Kelos, Nadim and Alfa Furniture, and everyone who supported our initiative to make everyone connect peacefully with his/her space. Moreover, we are thankful for the collaboration with our community partner The Design Show, and our media partner Linesmag who are great supporters and strong believers that interior design is not a luxury but a necessity.





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