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MHDH celebrates 27 years of design

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The Mockup Story

Mona Hussein

We are creating this townhouse setting design trends and introducing the latest materials, technologies and smart solution. We are not just celebrating 27 years, we are celebrating design in Egypt (Interior, Architecture, Landscape, Signage and Way Finding and Product Design). In collaboration with some of Cairo’s finest suppliers & Mona Hussein Design House -MHDH- celebrating 27 years of design. Teamed up with creating amazing projects from residential, commercial, offices to medical and hospitality. A design concept is one of the most challenging ideas that could encounter the mind. For a design to be different we believe it needs a one-of-a-kind, well-grounded idea that stands out in the vast world of designers. A townhouse concept of “turning a house into a lifetime home” is what we came up with after countless ideas, studies, designs observations and 25 years’ experience of work. If we look close enough we’ll realize that regardless of who we are, what we do, what nationality we hold, where we live, We all have one thing in common which is an ongoing globular lifecycle revolving around 6 keywords “Marriage, Parenthood, Family-life, Teenage-hood, Adultness and finally Senescence” and so we came up with the concept of building a home designed by this lifecycle; the globular human lifecycle. This concept of turning a house into a lifetime home involves so many ideas that we implemented in the design to achieve such a concept. In this “lifetime” home we managed to attain comfort, privacy, exquisite designs, entertainment, a successful work environment, an educational environment, and a nature integrated atmosphere along with many other design concepts which adapt to the human lifecycle targeting our needs and wants along the way. We are welcoming anyone to visit the WESTOWN Mockup and we are ready to collaborate with anyone reaching out the story of Mockup. Read more