ASHE Handmade Textured Kilim Rug


  • ASHE Handmade Textured Kilim Rug

ASHE Handmade Textured Kilim Rug


ASHE Handmade wool textured Kilim rug combines all neutral earthy colors: Golden Beige/Off-white/Grey , its unique design that has a soft textured feeling fits perfectly in any space in your house whether reception area, living room or your bedroom.

ASHE Kilim rug is handwoven by talented Egyptian artisans using a thin fine wool threads to show out the details of the design in this artistic piece

Products Specifications:

ASHE kilim is made by fine wool that gives the look and feel of the luxury textured rug while keeping it light and soft

hancraftted from finest woolthreads on cotton loom


Avilable in different sizes:

1X2 sq meter

1,5X2 sq metet

1.7x2,6 sq meter

size can be customized 

production time required: from 3 to 4 weeks to be ready for delivery

  • Supplier: Nokoosh
  • SKU: Nok-001-01


    • Dimensions: 1 * 2
    • Production Time: 3 to 4 weeks
    • Material: Fine Light Wool