Finion wall mounted Washdown toilet


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Finion wall mounted Washdown toilet


Finion – Achieve your aspirations

With its puristic filigree design, Finion creates a luxurious atmosphere conducive to perfect relaxation. Furniture in the widest array of designs and a stylish lighting concept are the hallmarks of the complete bathroom collection Finion. The clear linear design of the wall toilet and bidet form a visual upgrade for your bathroom.

  • Clear linear toilet design
  • Rimless DirectFlush toilet includes invisible Suprafix 3.0 attachment
  • And to match, a Finion toilet seat just 40 mm thick completes this puristic design

Technical information:

DirectFlush , Rectangle
Sanitary ceramics
Size: 375 x 560 mm
Leed: 4
incl. fastening set "SupraFix 3.0"
with water-saving AQUAREDUCT® system: flush volume 3 / 4,5 litres
horizontal outlet
finion toilet seat in Wrap-Over-Design made of colour ingrained
- incl. hinges stainless steel
- centre distance: 180 mm
- load of ring seat: 240 kg
hinges in stainless steel with QuickRelease and SoftClosing hinges
colour White Alpin CeramicPlus
Modern wall-mounted toilet in a minimalist design
Wall-mounted toilets for easy floor cleaning
Hygienic solution with minimal odour formation: low-flush toilets
The rimless generation of toilets - top cleanliness and perfect design
CeramicPlus for quick and hygienic cleaning

product features

CeramicPlus - Less cleaning - more time to enjoy life
DirectFlush - hygiene par excellence
SupraFix 3.0 - Easy installation. Invisible mounting system.


Sanitary ceramics - The perfect material for your bathroom

Cleaning instructions:

CeramicPlus is considerably easier to clean than conventional ceramics. For everyday care of your ceramics, we recommend a soft, non-scratch sponge or cloth and clean water. If you wish to use a cleaning product, choose a standard all-purpose cleaner. Do not use aggressive, abrasive or environmentally harmful products. Even stubborn dirt or dried-on limescale are no cause for concern. Benefit: CeramicPlus’ easy-care properties help you to ensure optimal hygiene and fresh, clean surfaces in an environmentally-friendly way without the need for aggressive detergents. A real advantage in the bathroom! Tested and confirmed by the wfk Forschungsinstitut für Reinigungstechnologie. To treat heavier soiling, we generally recommend a mild bathroom cleaner or mild all-purpose cleaner. In the case of very stubborn dirt, simply leave the bathroom cleaner or limescale remover to act overnight. Gel or foam cleaners are ideal, as they also adhere well to sloping surfaces. Or: simply place a cloth soaked in cleaning agent over the stain.


Retail Price: 16,225.0 EGP 15,032.0 EGP

  • Supplier: Aquatop
  • SKU: 4664-R0-R1 9M88-S1-R1


  • Dimensions: 375 * 420 * 560
  • Production Time: 1 day
  • Material: Sanitary ceramics