Farah Elabd

Founder and Head Designer

Professional info

Interior Design , Product Design


3 Years in the market

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Graduated from the German University in Cairo with a bachelor of Management and worked for 4 years as a full-time marketing employee.

With a passion for interior and furniture design, Farah decided to shift careers. Beginning with completing a professional interior design diploma at The American University in Cairo.

Later, co-founded SEERA Designs in 2017 for interior and product design, launching different complementary furniture collections & completing couple of interior design projects; office spaces of the biggest incubators in Egypt including Falak Startups & Start Egypt.

Realizing her passion for startups and work spaces, as well as believing that employees are more motivated and productive when they are in a beautifully designed spaces. And with a belief that well-designed places are happy places, Farah launched Studio Teal. Designing offices for different startups including thndr, Palma, Cleo, and the mixers.

Currently Farah is expanding Studio Teal through diversifying her portfolio with residential projects as well as furniture design, allowing her passion to grow even further into the field with a wider scope.