Hala Abotaleb

Founder and Managing Director

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Hala Abotaleb is an Egyptian architect with more than 20 years’ experience in architecture and interior design. She started her technical experience journey just after her graduation from faculty of Fine Arts architectural department in 1998. Through 17 years She joined many architecture consultation offices such as Ali Nour El-Dein Nassar , Sherif Yassa, and Arabian Architects as well as design and build company IDRAK fine finishing. Beside her job Hala joined different educational journeys such as “Master of Islamic art and architecture in AUC” and “Total quality Management diploma from AUC”. Through last 5 years, Hala went into different developmental journeys studding positive psychology, NLP, coaching, training, and different therapeutic and healing methods. in 2015 Hala moved to manage the CSR department in DMG and started DMG Academies for architectural students to help them in their first steps in their career. manage and facilitate in 10 runs -350 Alumni) of DMG Academy adopting combination of facilitation Arts and training methods to build a learning journey that can target to impact mind, heart and soul. building on the 20 years of experience in Architectural and interior design plus the NLP and healing practices. Hala has chosen to start her own interior and landscape start up Haweyah, adopting the practices of the “Biophilic design” targeting the positive reflection of the “interior design massages” on the resident’s energy and well-being.