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Cairo, Egypt

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Story of the brand

LUX Finishing is a multidisciplinary contracting company specialized in fine finishing and fit-out services. We provide finishing and general contracting services, as well as having our very own in-house interior and architectural design studio.
Our array of projects ranges from residential, commercial, and office spaces. We have designed and executed turn-key projects, as well as delivered a multitude of renovation projects of older spaces to satisfied clients. We can also undertake restoration work as we have previously conducted in Prince Mohamed Ali’s palace in Manial. We have worked in multiple locations in greater Cairo and the North Coast. Our underlying passion is driven by an affinity for renovating and restoring units and buildings in Downtown Cairo.
Our sister company CEL specializes in material testing and quality control of major projects as well as being equipped with its structural and civil design team. When needed, we have a technical arm that can assist us with any projects in need of such services.
It would be our pleasure to work together and provide you with our services, which are conducted in a professional manner within the predefined timeline and quality requirements.

“Let’s make Egypt beautiful again”