Ayman Eldesoki

Contact Info


  • Designer , Contractor
  • 15 Years of Experience

Company Info

  • Founder
  • Design Consultation , 3D Visualization , Contracting , Project Management
  • 5 Employees
  • 2 Years in the Market


The first steps in architectural field were in Egypt, after that I have the possibility to develop my knowledge in an architectural office in Switzerland and to study interior design in Zurich.
My eastern identity and the 12 years of experience in european architecture
branch has massively developed my design background and vision.

Add-Value in this Branch and support people to use their spaces optimally, is a great honour.

- Human and user comfort are the core and the head of every successful project
- the harmony between aesthetic elements and the function and user needs optimizes the room Ambient
- Success Design needs detail thinking (planning)
- Energy, ventilation and acoustics are no longer luxury elements; for design quality is must to have.
-If you know which rule to break, you are CREATIVE ;)