Hala Freiji-Rosteck

Contact Info


  • Designer
  • 30 Years of Experience

Company Info

  • Wood & Design
  • Founder
  • Design Consultation , Technical Drawings , FF&E , Project Management
  • 16 Employees
  • 15 Years in the Market


Lebanese designer Hala Freiji Rosteck established NOKNOK Good Wood in 2005 after working for many years in Egypt. She had realized that there existed a need here for modern, practical, multifunctional and affordable furniture.
In addition to office designs her company has been closely associated with children's & educational furniture. One of her many passions has been to enrich spaces with designs to enable teaching that focuses on the learner. Space planning for educational institutions includes the facilitation of effective flow of movement as well as furniture that supports students’ physical requirements and good posture.
In 2014 Hala Freiji-Rosteck founded Wood & Design as an extension to her NOKNOK design brand. Wood & Design complements NOKNOK Good Wood to create harmonious solutions of elegant simplicity for work and living spaces. The company focuses on interior design and customised products, working with customers to create unique designs tailored to their specific needs. With Wood & Design Hala puts strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship and responsibility towards the community and the environment as well as on health and safety standards.