Angie Salama

Contact Info


  • Designer
  • 15 Years of Experience

Company Info

  • Angie Design Atelier
  • Founder
  • Design Consultation , Research , 3D Visualization , Technical Drawings , Bill of Quantities , FF&E , Project Management
  • 10 Employees
  • 8 Years in the Market


Angie is a mother, architect, artist, founder of Angie Design Atelier, and all around beauty enthusiast.

With 15 years of experience, including design houses such as Alchemy, an optimistic attitude and a good heart, she has embarked on developing her professional creative journey to feed her desire to experiment with design thereby giving life to her design atelier.

An architect with a complex melding of different identities, the stars directed her progressive work philosophy through her natural inclination for mixing design patterns and exploring the fusion of different styles to create custom interior solutions for her clients.

As a designer, she finds peace in her creative role. She loves acting as a bridge between her clients and their design aspirations to bring them to reality. she takes a personal approach in her work through a collaborative process with both her clients and professional partners to come up with the most suitable design equation for each project.
While every space offers a challenge in terms of functionality and aesthetics, the dynamics between them are always different, her engaging nature allows her to genuinely enjoy every aspect of her job and better understand each project’s unique requirements in a reflection of her versatile personality.