Nano Mahgoub

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  • Designer
  • 6 Years of Experience

Company Info

  • Nano Mahgoub
  • Founder
  • 3D Visualization , Technical Drawings , Bill of Quantities , FF&E , Project Management
  • 7 Employees
  • 3 Years in the Market


Nariman Mahgoub founder and Chief Architect of Nano Mahgoub.
Nano Mahgoub is a multi disciplinary design company that is specialised in Architecture and interior design with a specialisation in Retail Commercial design.
During Nano Mahgoub's undergraduate degree in Architectural engineering at the American University in Cairo; Nano Mahgoub got an offer to work in a prestigious architectural company in Florence Italy. Her work at this firm continued until after her graduation when they offered her a full time job at their new branch in Milan, Italy; which then made her move to Milan, city of architecture and design, to work hand in hand with some of the lead designers and architects in Italy.
Nano Mahgoub then went on to do her masters degree in Living Design with a specialisation in Retail and Commercial design, pursuing her love of design and her interest in fashion. During that time she worked with different well-known designers worldwide such as 10corso como and Salvatore Ferragamo.
Nano Mahgoub then founded her design firm in Milan, Italy where she already had a work flow ready for her to take on.
towards the end of 2019, Nano Mahgoub decided to open up her second branch in Katameya heights Cairo, Egypt where she can overlook her work in the Middle East, as well as introduce her Italian-taught design approach to the Egyptian Market.