Nedal Badr

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  • Designer
  • 17 Years of Experience


After living in 6 different countries, and being exposed to multiple and diverse cultures, Nedal Badr is a renowned name in the local design community. With his ability to incept new ideas, his passion for design has paved the way for more growth and innovation within the industry. Nedal’s background lies in architecture, interior design, product design and Arabic calligraphy and applies his immersive knowledge in his own studio, Design Zone. In addition, Nedal is a proud participant in multiple product design events, winning the Silver Award and and Gold Award in Design + Industry 2012 & 2014. Nedal also experienced Milan il saloni 2013 with SFG and participated in Salon Satellite 2014 and Paris Design Week 2019. Today, Nedal prefers to enrich the industry through the medium of teaching interior design in multiple institutes around the city.