Nour ElRashidy

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  • Designer
  • 4 Years of Experience


Architect and interior designer focusing on creating human- centered design experiences. With people at the core of every concept, design thinking and research lead the design process. Inspiration, Ideation, and implementation is the methodology that guides every project we embark on.

After studying Architecture at Misr International University, Hoschshule Luzern, and in University of California, Los Angeles Nour ElRashidy embarked on her career by working at El Ghoneimi Architects focusing on hospitality and commercial projects while teaching Architecture at Misr International University. She has worked on the design of multiple hotels along with revamping the customer experience for Misr Life Insurance by creating a facelift for all their branches to match their new identity created by Matter. After a while, she decided to expand her scope and focus on educational architecture by working at MPE to execute multiple schools in Egypt in collaboration with multiple international firms, including Gensler. “As a part time educational architect and a freelancer focusing on residential and commercial projects my aim is to create positive impact through design in every project I tackle.”

“Part of creating positive impact is to offer those in need of proper living conditions our help.” ElRashidy has been able to do so as being part of Mashrou ElSaada, an NGO focusing on reviving underdeveloped areas through design. This led her to explore the world of sustainability where she participated in the Kids Design Awards competition for her design of an open ended imaginative product for children. This was not the only completion she participated in, she has been entering international competitions to showcase her designs worldwide including the Venice Biennale and may more. “Creating memorable user centered experiences is at the core of what I do whether I am designing a house, an office, or a classroom.”