GEMMA- Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

Finishes, Bathroom

Established in 1989, ‘GEMMA’ has become the leading manufacturer of high-end Ceramic and Porcelain tiles in Egypt and the Middle East.. A renown name in Ceramics Industry; our tiles are recognized for matching beauty and variety with craftsmanship and durability.. Today, our products enhance the appearance and function of homes and businesses in over 64 countries spanning the globe. In 2009, GEMMA expanded its production facilities with the opening of our new plant in Sadat City, an addition that placed us at the forefront of the global ceramics industry.. Sophisticated production methods have allowed us to recreate the textures of stone, wood and sand, everything from metallic sheens to delicate floral arabesques.. Today, with a production capacity of 18 million square meters annually, GEMMA sets design trends and industry bench-marks..