Style Design


Style Design started its business in the year 1989 with Eng. Ehab El Khodary and Arch. Hisham Ghorab as founders, carrying a new concept of interior design business in Egypt. It is a new era of modern and innovative designs which helps in bridging the relationship of people to their environment. Style Design brings comfort to your office, your home and your life. In Style Design, we focus on our clients, understand their objectives and strategies, and seek to add substantial value to their enterprise through our work and services. More than 80% of our time is exhausted in a manmade environment such as in our office or our homes. Hence, comes the research and innovation of design to enhance the productivity of the environment. This also gives people more options for where they work, meet, interact, and simply be together. ‚Äč Our products help the companies to use their facilities as a strategic tool for reaching business goals.