AUC Architecture Association

Who are we?

  • 01

    Architecture Association (AA) at the American University in Cairo ( AUC ).

  • 02

    The only American Institution of Architects Students (AIAS) chapter in Egypt and one of the few in the Middle East.

  • 03

    The AA at AUC is a non-profit, student-run organization that aims to serve architecture students, and guide them to reach their full potential.

  • Vision

    As part of the vision of the External Affairs committee of the AA, we aspire to create a sustainable and diverse environment that is a catalyst for creating dialogues that encourage students to connect on a national and an international level, gain knowledge, and expand their network.

  • Mission

    ARCH-verse is a platform that connects students to each other and to professionals by creating discussions and talks that tackle contemporary trendy topics in the architectural field.


  • Talks
  • Competitions
  • Workshops

Arch-verse is an initiative that brings together the architecture community, nationally and internationally, through discussions, talks, workshops, and competitions.